Who are we?

brzakolica.net | BRZKLC for short, was founded in 2015 with the goal of sharing our passion and love for cars and photography. We specialize in automotive and event photography while constantly working to improve our video skills. All of which you can check on our Showcase page.

The name "brza kolica" translates to "fast cart". Could be a shopping one, but in the Croatian slang term it would imply a "fast car". Not an expensive one tough.

Even though this is a side project and not our day job, we are proud of the time invested into it, the things we learned and the people we've met along the way. It's always nice to see the progress and we can't wait for more.

What We Do

We think we are pretty good at it.
Hey, there's always room for improvement!
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Why not?
It's a simulation after all...

Krešimir Lovrić

Loves his sombrero.


Luka Brkić

Says no to fake wheels and fake friends


Miro Blažević

Bok, Miro je.


Noel Miletić

Has most popular instagram among us... and a nice E36. Makes nice photos too.


Filip Atlija

Newest addition to the team. Only guy trying to hit potholes after lowering his car.